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The importance of opening a Plug

failed plug

The importance of opening a Plug

By chris 94 0

These images were taken from a recent PAT test in Bristol and you can see in the top image the evidence of over load and thermal damage, which showed no signs externally until the plug was opened.

The image below demonstrates reversed polarity of the wiring in the plug, highlighted by the “Polarity test”.


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Internal checks of the Plug

As part of the Formal Visual Inspection, the cover of rewireable plugs must be removed and inspected inside. If any problems are found then the appliance must be failed and removed from service until it is fixed or replaced.

Internal visual checks include:

  • Check wired correctly
  • Check fuse is suitable
  • Check not too much copper is exposed
  • Check for loose strands and connections
  • Check for signs of over heating


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